Develop your leadership to suit history’s greatest generation – Millennials

Anders Kinding

Anders Kinding

How can I as a leader think when it comes to following up on my employees? And why is it so difficult to work with continuous follow-ups? These among other questions we have asked leadership consultant Anders Kinding. In order to cope with the work of being a leader, you have to keep up with the development and adapt your leadership behavior. Especially today when our organisations consist up to 50% of the largest generation in history – millennials. A generation that has been growing up with digitisation.

Anders Kinding has over 25 years of experience as a consultant, where he mainly worked with leadership issues. In addition, he has roles as marketing manager for Securitas and SEBanken among his merits. The fact that he’s also a widely hired lecturer and has written a number of books does not make one less impressed by his experiences.

The importance of letting managers develop their leadership
Anders has worked with leadership issues in many different types of organisations, what he has seen is that today’s managers has to put too much time in for example writing reports, write forms and make presentations. He believes that there are too many huge systems that give the top executives facts while middle managers have to spend countless of hours to get the data into these systems. Anders raises the reprisals that occur if you do not report in time, but if you do not talk to your employees for a week well, then very little happens.

– Many managers are extremely skilled in their field, but they have no early opportunity to develop as managers. This is perceived as stressful in itself and does not give the leader an honest chance of being a good manager in a stressful environment, Anders says.

– All reporting that lies on managers today is at the expense of the communication with the employees. What I have seen is that communication between the manager and the employee is the one that often fails. It is seen as an important part of being able to talk with the customer, but one forgets the importance of the communication within the core of the company. If you have a consensus in the organisation, understand what creates value and also understands the purpose of the business then you will come a long way. New times require new behaviors. Communication with employees and follow-up is something you must incorporate into your daily work, Anders says.

What do you like about HR2 Mentor?
– I was told about HR2 Mentor when I wrote a post on Linkedin. I wrote that it is not enough to have performance reviews once a year. Not least, the millennial generation requires more frequent follow-up. Otherwise, they will find another job. When I was introduced to the app, I understood the benefits of it directly. It is so easy to understand and helps to solve many of the problems that exist in organizations today, Anders concludes.

Working more and more digitally to get help and support is becoming increasingly important. HR2 Mentor meets the millennial generation’s or, if you like, the like-generation’s greatest needs; to feel seen and having a purpose with their work. This is a need all people have, more or less, but it becomes extra prominent in today’s organisations. We are not getting younger and by 2020, 50% of our organisations are expected to consist of millennials. This means that we must follow the developments that take place. Not the least when it comes to leadership. Otherwise we risk losing in the long run.


We know that you want to be a committed workplace. But there is a difference between wanting and doing. Mentor fits all kind of industries and helps you simplify your processes so that you can succeed with your strategies.