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Charles Mingo Bennström

Charles Mingo Bennström

Charles Mingo Bennström has taken on the role as Chief Commercial Officer at HR2 Systems, and we are more than happy to have him and his expertise within commercialisation in our team. In order for you to get to know our new colleague and hear his thoughts on leadership and employeeship, we have asked him a few questions!

Hello Charles, welcome to HR2 Systems. How does it feel?
– Hi, thanks! I have known the company for quite a while and think that HR2 Mentor is a fantastic product that has the power to strengthen organisations, so it feels really fun to be part of this exciting journey!

Tell us about yourself!
– I have an education in marketing and have always had an interest in learning languages. Something that has resulted in me speaking Spanish, French and English today. I have previously worked with the family business and in various marketing roles within Handelsbanken. Most recently, I came from a role as marketing manager at Sumobox, which, like HR2 Mentor, is a relatively new company. I am passionate about getting companies to grow – something that probably comes from the entrepreneurial spirit I carry with me since childhood.

Why HR2 Mentor?
– Because I like the concept and I think it can help and facilitate growing a feedback culture for many managers and organisations around the world. Here again, comes my interest in getting companies to grow. Getting to work with a product that can actually help companies achieve goals and increase growth is absolutely fantastic! The atmosphere at HR2 Systems is also incredibly energetic and that is something that is important to me at my workplace.

What reflects good leadership?
– I have had some managers over the years. I have also been given the opportunity to be a manager myself and good leadership, I think, occurs when you have confidence in your employees and their skills. When you can offer support when and where it is needed. Getting off your high horse is crucial. I would also say that the most important thing is not expertise, but that you can gather a team that has fun, is effective and works towards the same goals.

What challenges would you say managers experience today?
– More and more employees want to decide their work structure on their own, with the goal of delivering what is expected of them. What they do and how they work to get there is up to themselves. Here is where I think many problems can be perceived as micromanagement but which in fact are about a lack of consensus on how today’s working climate looks. This will be a major challenge as there will be conflicts since many managers and employees come from different generations. Here it becomes important to have the opportunity to follow up to find a consensus.

What is the biggest challenge that employees have today?
– I would say transparency on expectations and expected results, I often find it lacking in organisations. Employees do not get enough feedback about their achievements and how they interact with the organisation’s goals. How do I contribute as an employee for the company to be successful? I think it is important for employees to feel that they are a part of the journey.

In your role at HR2 Mentor, what do you hope to help companies with?
– I hope to be able to, among other things, increase the consensus between employees and the manager in order to reach and exceed the set goals in the organisation. Also, to get companies to understand the importance of reflecting on their achievements and making this a permanent part of their employees’ everyday lives. I know that the knowledge about how to create successful organisations and employees already exists and now I look forward to helping more companies apply that knowledge in practice.


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