5 Ways to enhance your feedback skills

Taking time to give feedback is a key part in being a leader. You want to see your employees develop and you want to see consistent results. But giving feedback is more than just a pat on the back and a “good job”. We have listed five things to have in mind when giving feedback so that your time spent on it will lead to aid performance! Enjoy!

1. Adapt to the individual

Everyone is their own person, which means everyone receives feedback differently. How we receive feedback can depend on many different things (Read about “Five ways to better receive feedback” here). Keep this in mind at all times and be aware that your feedback can be received differently depending on who you give feedback to or what you give feedback on. Make sure to adapt the feedback to the individual!

2. Be specific

Giving general feedback such as only saying : “That article is not really what I was thinking” is easier but won’t give the results that you are looking for. It will leave your employee confused on what aspect of their work needs to be improved. Being very specific will give your employee a clear image of what is expected.

3. Use the 5:1 Ratio

Have 5 positive feedback moments for every 1 negative feedback moment. People react better to positive comments and adjust easier than with negative ones. It motivates people to continue what they’re doing with greater focus and more creativity. This doesn’t mean that negative feedback doesn’t have its place! It has the ability to grab your attention and act as call to action to change course.

4. Be personal in your feedback

Use “you” or their first name! This can seem as an easy tip but you might be surprised how big the impact of this is. It creates mutual respect and recognition. Make sure the feedback is about their actions, their skills, how they handle certain things.

5. Give genuine feedback

Only give feedback when you are genuine about it. Don’t falsely give positive feedback when in reality you are not too happy about that specific performance. People will notice that you’re not genuine and will start doubting future feedback you are giving.

Following these 5 steps will improve your feedback and be a good start on developing a feedback culture in your organisation. And we promise, the satisfaction of seeing your team improve, perform better and feel better is going to be well worth it!

Article written by: Matthieu Van Der Poorten.


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