3 Reasons why you need to set activities to reach goals

3 Reasons why you need to set activities to reach goals

Setting goals is a good thing in helping us move forward. However, very often we seem to set too high and complicated goals which makes them feel unachievable. This in turn makes us not achieve them. A good tip to avoid this is setting activities so that you know exactly what to do along the way!
Here’s three reasons why you benefit from setting activities.

1. It gives you a clear roadmap on how to achieve your goal

When you set activities that help you reach your goal, it will set a clear path to follow! An important part of reaching goals is knowing how to get there. This doesn’t mean that everything will work out as you think but having a clear vision is important to move forward! This roadmap is not only important for you but can be very beneficial to your team, colleagues or boss. It will be easier to follow up on your activities and work together.

2. It makes goals feel more real and achievable

Some goals or projects can feel almost unachievable. According to a Dutch study, up to 40% of employees feel like their manager sets unrealistic and unachievable goals. (Protime, 2017) This is where activities or milestones come into the picture! When you have activities that help you reach your goals, those goals start feeling more achievable as you see the continuous progress. Every activity you complete is one step closer to achieving your goal, this makes it feel more real.

3. It makes you able to celebrate smaller achievements along the way

These activities often act as milestones towards a bigger goal. Too often only the end goal gets celebrated but you should take time to appreciate and acknowledge the road towards it! Make sure to celebrate the small victories along the way. Reflecting on the journey can also help you gather insight on how to tackle future milestones or other big projects.

We hope these 3 reasons will convince you to set activities towards a bigger goal! It will help you achieve more and feel more accomplished along the way.

Written by: Matthieu Van Der Poorten.