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Create a workplace where thriving and motivated employees drive results!

Mentor is a flexible platform that helps businesses being successful, through reflection, target setting and active coaching, Our customers are found across a wide range of industries and consist of organisations that dare to think differently!

The solution consists of three modules:


With Mentor’s unique reflection model, management can always be present and continually support staff, giving them feedback. Reflection and feedback only take a few minutes to do; this builds a culture, commitment and team that contributes to long-term success. Mentor’s unique word cloud provides a quick snap shot?? of how the company is doing in real time – at an individual, team, and organisational level. You can also follow trends over time.

target SETTING

Mentor’s development plan, target plan and activities keep conversations with staff thriving during the entire year. In Mentor, development targets are broken down into measurable activities with clear guidance in terms of what should be done and how. Activities are continually tracked and can easily be adjusted at any time. Any deviation can indicate early on the need for extra measure to be taken. Mentor supports active, ever-present and clear leadership and results in thriving and motivated staff.


Mentor’s coaching module supports forward-thinking leadership with a focus on continual / eller continuous? improvement. The coaching module in Mentor provides a structure to follow and evaluate the way staff work. As a basis for guidance, in connection with, for example, listening, custom templates are created for the company’s most important processes. With Mentor, it is easy to give and receive feedback, catch problems and challenges, and create involvement in the organisation’s development.

Why choose Mentor?


In Mentor, all process and tools needed for staff development are gathered in one place. The system keeps track of data, shows development trends and provides a real-time overview of how the business is doing at the individual, team and organisational level. Mentor grows with the company, and the different modules can gradually be introduced at the pace required. Help getting started and customised solutions and support are always close to hand.


With Mentor, employees and management always have access to the same data. Mentor creates transparency and meaningfulness when overall targets are broken down to the individual level, making how everyone contributes clearly visible. With Mentor, leaders and employees both have the possibility to take responsibility for, and focus on, development that creates results. All development plans and documentation is directly connected to the individual to ensure safe and long term development work.


Mentor helps company’s focus on goals with the decisive energy that leads to results. Mentor’s structure and functionality creates consensus when it comes to goals and working methods, which increases employee’s motivation, ensuring that the organisation works actively to carry out strategic decisions. Customers testify that with the support of Mentor, they have increased turnover by 33% and reduced absence due to illness from 15% down to almost zero.


In Mentor, qualitative goals are broken down into quantitative sub-goals which can be followed in real-time at the individual, team and organisational level. In Mentor, both results and behavioural goals are made visible, which makes all activities measurable and easy to evaluate when it comes to assessing how the organisation is doing and performing. With Mentor, you get data in the form of bars, charts and word clouds that provide a quick, real-time temperature check and insight into long-term trends.


Mentor creates consensus on goals and working methods. Management’s presence is tangible, and the expectation put on employees is clear. Mentor is based on coaching leadership that gives employees the possibility to take own responsibility, as well as simultaneously feel seen and led. Continuously active leadership creates the conditions and motivation to as a team drive??contribute to the company’s development.

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Tips och inspiration som stärker din organisation

Bli bättre på medarbetarsamtal

10 frågor du som arbetsgivare bör ställa vid medarbetarsamtal

Bli bättre på medarbetarsamtal

10 frågor du som arbetsgivare bör ställa vid medarbetarsamtal

Bli bättre på medarbetarsamtal

10 frågor du som arbetsgivare bör ställa vid medarbetarsamtal

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